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.: Raised floors

Raised floors are used anywhere where it is necessary to create free space to place all services and wiring under the floor.

.: Modular raised floors

Modular raised floors are built of floor panels measuring 60x60 cm assembled on metal pedestals with a regulated height...,
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.: Jointless raised floors

Jointless raised floors combine the benefits of a modular raised floor and a traditional floor. An economical, widely used raised floor system..
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.: Technical solutions

Various technical and usage requirements will influence the selection of a correct and tested solution to ensure long-term durability of the floor...
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.: Application

When selecting the system and materials, one has to make a sound decision and analyse the financial aspects. This has to be based on full information about available systems..
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.: Price and usability value

Estimated price for a raised floor installed over a surface of more than 3,000 sq. m with regular floor projection and dividing walls on the floor..

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.: Surface finishes

Floor surface can be finished using all generally available types of flooring materials, such as carpeting, natural stone, parquet, PVC..

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