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.: Raised floor with parquet finish:

Quality and creative flair - the secret of paroll parquet-finished floor panels.

No other finishing material but wood can ensure such a nice atmosphere at home or work. The natural appearance and touch of the floor are unique.

Combination of these features with the benefits of raised floors lead to a blend of nature and technology which can satisfy all, even the most individual needs.

Natural materials, such as wood, will change its dimensions under the influence of the interior climate. For this reason, careful gluing of wooden flooring blocks to floor panels is particularly important. Using special priming coats and high quality non-solvent glue, we result in an optimum and durable bond between the parquet and floor panels.

To protect the parquet top surface we use only high quality, tested products produced by top manufacturers.

We will be glad to provide you with assistance in selecting the optimum type of parquet finish, wood type, surface protection type and method of maintenance and care.

.: Raised floor with stone finish:

There are good reasons why stone is considered to be the "classic" flooring material.

It is so versatile, resistant to mechanical load, scratches and grazing marks, durable and unchanging as no other floor finishing material.

We offer a wide product range - from affordably priced standard products to individually selected solutions.

Natural stone. Various surface finishes (polished, ground, sanded) make it possible to select the best match between the solution and individual needs.

Artificial stone. While keeping the natural features of natural stone, it has additional benefits:
It's even more load-resistant, free from scratches and cracks. Using a new colour range, one can obtain an even more lively appearance than that of natural stone.

The range of possibilities available as far as the application and features of stone floor finish mounted on raised floor panels are concerned, provides encouragement to select individual solutions.

Our standards:

When laying a stone floor, we leave a ca. 2 mm gap between the upper edges of floor panels, instead of using rubber or plastic edges which spoil the look of a high quality floor.

Compactness of the entire raised floor can be ensured by close-fitting raised floor panels - a gap will be left only between the finishing stone elements.

Individual form

There are no problems in making the transition between stone and carpeting or other floor finishing layers. The edges between various floor finishing materials can run in straight lines, a combination of straight lines running at an angle, curves or any possible shape - which helps in shaping attractive, unique surfaces.


As far as stone finishing is concerned, we apply very high standards concerning the quality of the surface finish and dimension tolerance:

  • dimensions 598 x 598 mm,

  • thickness 12 or 13 mm,

  • tolerance in length, width and height - maximum 0.5 mm.

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